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Score: 80.0

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Categories: Adult :: Sex | Swinger
Review Date: June 12, 2016
Reviewer: Adam
Trial Pricing: Free
Live Chat: No

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When it comes to XXX Black Book, it really only has one purpose: to act as a resource you go when you want to get laid! XXX Black Book is just like the tiny black book of any guy, where he writes the phone numbers of booty call sluts who can be called upon in times of need. Now you don’t need to keep a personal black book, all you do is join this awesome discreet adult dating site full of sex personals and meet hot new sex partners for a casual quickie anytime of day, wherever you are! The site is phenomenal, featuring tons of babes between the ages of 18 to 35 who are looking to fuck and nothing else. No long term relationship seekers here, only prime booty!


Tons of Horny Girls looking for Sex! XXX Black Book is an awesome site featuring tons of horny girls who are looking for sex! Once you sign up and create your free profile, you can receive messages from beautiful girls who are looking to fuck. There are also tons of other ways to meet horny babes, the best and most effective one is to message them yourself. It’s a numbers game just like with everything, the more people you message the higher the chances of meeting someone who is looking to fuck right then!

Free Profile Creation XXX Black Book is free, so you can create your profile without the need to pay. This is good and the first step to start meeting horny girls looking for sex. After you get used to the interface, and have your super Casanova profile setup; you can sign up for a monthly package and begin messaging members. The more you message, the higher your chances get of scoring a hot lady for the evening!

Very detailed search options one of my personal favorites that beats the old school black book that XXX Black Book has is the extensive search options. Now you can find your preferred girl, the one that will make everyone of your fantasies come true by going through a lucrative list and checking off only those options that apply to your perfect girl.

Video Chat, hot way to talk! The traditional methods like email and instant messenger just doesn’t cut it anymore, not in the 21st century! Now we have something more powerful, live interactive video chat. With your webcam you can now talk 1 on 1 with your match, and get the most out of finding the perfect partner to have sex with tonight! Get laid in cyberspace, and if you really like each other hook up for some kinky fun.


This seems to be present on all dating sites online, fake profiles. People create and pretend to be others just for laughs, but people who are serious about online dating like me, get really mad when we run into fake profiles. Exercise caution, and skip the ones that look to good to be true and you should be OK.


XXX Black book is seriously a great replacement for the little black book we all have somewhere with phone numbers. Now you can meet a never ending series of hotties all looking for sex. No small talk, just tons of hot and kinky sex. The site is fairly good with all the right options to find great matches from your area, however if you are in a small town you will not get as much results as those of us living in a big city. Cost of full membership is very affordable, so this is an ideal way to meet anyone that is horny and wants to have sex!

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